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The Advantages of Asphalt Paving over Concrete Paving

The outdoor area of your facility helps make a positive first impression on visitors. When you plan for driveways or parking lots, it’s wise to choose products and services offered by a reliable paving contractor. Asphalt is the preferred choice for paving pathways in both commercial and residential complexes. Its smooth finish makes it a natural extension of the roadway. Cedar Hill Paving Ltd. has 40+ years of experience in asphalt paving in Toronto, Markham and Vaughan.

You may find concrete paving in some places, but it doesn’t offer as many benefits as asphalt paving does. The strength, durability, and lifespan of asphalt depend on the characteristics of the cement mixture. The strength of the mixture depends on the ratio of its constituents - water, sand, stone aggregate, and cement. This mixture (when all dried up) forms a very stiff solid. A slight mistake in construction will make the concrete slabs prone to cracks and premature fails. Problems with Concrete Paving First of all, concrete paving can become weak if the cement mixture is over-diluted. This can result in the mixture becoming extremely unstable, causing it to expand and contract with changes in temperature. As well, you need to be mindful about air bubbles and prevent them from forming, because this can also cause your structure to become too delicate. In addition, concrete paving is bound to cracking since it bears plenty of exposure to the changing elements. To make sure you maintain a compact structure, quality grooves or joints need to be incorporated into slabs. Otherwise, when the ground heaves or settles further down and the concrete slab doesn’t move along with the ground, it can crack. As well, you have to be mindful about the weather when concrete slabs are constructed. If they are constructed during windy conditions or on a sunny day, the topmost layer will dry before the bottom ones will, which is bad for the overall structure. Fine surface cracks resembling shattered glass are found in such cases. Furthermore, concrete paving isn’t very resistant during the rainy season; the underlying soil becomes spongy with excessive groundwater. This excess weight affects the slab, which then results in cracks. Asphalt Paving – the Better Option Asphalt paving can withstand Toronto’s extreme weather conditions and high traffic volumes. Bitumen acts as a binder in asphalt, just as cement does for concrete. It is a dark, sticky substance and a by-product of crude oil. Hot asphalt mixed with aggregate is poured on the prepared surface while paving. This cools down to form a road. There are four important advantages of using asphalt for paving: 1. Economical: Asphalt is 30 to 40 per cent cheaper than cement and is easy to use. Cracks are very rare which reduces the overall maintenance costs. If there is any damage, you can resurface it easily with a brand-new coat that is cheaper then concrete repair. 2. Durable: Asphalt paving will not disintegrate when the ground freezes or floods. It can also be designed for both low and high traffic volumes. 3. Safe: This sort of paving can offer skid resistance, reduced splash back and superior visual distinction between road markings. Such features will help with road safety. 4. Environment-friendly and Recyclable: When split or disintegrated, asphalt doesn’t add to waste or landfill or run into waterways and contaminate them. The material can be dug up and used again and again, preserving both energy and natural resources. 5. Maintenance: Compared to concrete paving where resurfacing is impossible, the maintenance of asphalt paving is inexpensive and simple. You can even prevent such a scenario by strategically planning preventive maintenance. It will save you money and extend the life of your pavement. Address the minor issues before they become serious by regularly seal coating your asphalt paving. You need a contractor who will analyze your facility and consider your aesthetic needs before developing a customized pavement plan. Trust the trained paving professionals of Cedar Hill Paving Ltd. for commercial, institutional, and residential asphalt paving in Toronto. We also offer repair and maintenance services for your existing pavement.


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