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Rely on Us for Top-quality Sports Surfaces in Toronto

When you're building a tennis court, a basketball court, or other sports surface, the objective is to ensure the precision and uniformity of the playing surface. A sport resurfacing involves the use of appropriate equipment, special procedures, and meticulous installation of materials, which turns your asphalt or concrete slab into a surface that’s suitable for sports. It is also necessary from a safety point of view because a rough, uneven surface may lead to serious injuries. You can count on us to build residential, commercial, and institutional sports surfaces in Toronto and surrounding areas.

At Cedar Hill Paving Ltd., we take extra care and use high-performance asphalt mixes to make sure that the process goes well and the final product is completed as per industry standards and to your satisfaction. Call us for a free estimate.

Relax with a Ball Game

As a business owner, you can boost the productivity and energy levels of your employees by involving them in some sports activity. If you have some free space on your property, we can help you utilize it better. Rather than going with a plain concrete slab, why not go for sports surfacing! Call us to learn more.

Whether you want to build private tennis courts or public running tracks, we can install both public and private sports surfaces. We also do court markings/paint. Given our track record and experience, the opportunities are limitless!

Sports Resurfacing in Toronto

Turn your asphalt or concrete surface into the perfect court for a ball game.

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