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Do's and Don’ts

Are you planning to protect your new asphalt paving during hot summers and cold winters? Cedar Hill Paving Ltd. helps Toronto’s homeowners, property managers, municipalities, and business owners in taking care of their new and existing asphalt paving. We’ve created a video to point out a few things that one should and shouldn’t do as far as asphalt paving is concerned. We hope that you find this video helpful, and if you want to watch more of such videos, please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel or contact us today.


While parking any kind of trailer on a driveway, please make sure that the trailer hitch is supported on a large block of wood
Put a wooden block under the kickstand of your motorcycle while parking
Prevent indents in new asphalt by using a block of wood while resting ladders


Engine oil and gasoline are harmful to new driveways
Starting your vehicle at high speed and braking at high speed can ruin your new asphalt surface
Don't use an asphalt sealer on new asphalt – wait for at least 3 months
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