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Go-to Company for Institutional Asphalt Paving Services in Toronto

Over the past four decades, we’ve handled different types of projects. Whether it’s helping schools with the construction of playgrounds and fire routes or building pickup and drop-off areas, we’ve worked on them all. Apart from that, we have also worked for institutions such as colleges, athletic facilities, new construction sites, and cemeteries, among others. Get in touch with us to learn how our experience and expertise can work for you. Call us for quality institutional asphalt paving services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

If accessibility were your concern, then you’d be happy to learn that with the help of asphalt, you can create a smooth and even surface that is wheelchair accessible. As the asphalt pathways (surfaces) are easy to plow (with the least amount of wear and tear), winter maintenance becomes pretty simple. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide a surface that ticks all the boxes for you. Call us for free estimates.

Maintenance, Safety, and Liability

Are you aware that you might be liable for the disrepair of your existing asphalt or concrete surfaces? Chipped pathways, potholes, damaged catch basins, or undulations in the pavement can be safety concerns, especially in winters with snow and ice covering these potential hazards. However, it’s possible to ensure that your property is accessible and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. If you have concerns about the condition of your property, call us right away.

It's possible to build sports surfaces, which are smooth and durable using asphalt. From tennis courts and basketball courts to other athletic surfaces, we can help in installing your sporting surface.

Institutional Asphalt Services

Find out how we can put our experience towards creating a perfect solution.

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